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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to Your Questions


Covid-19 Protocal

We are taking preventive measures to provide a clean and safe environment for our clients and artists so please communicate with your artist directly asap if you're sick and we will be happy to reschedule you for a more appropriate time. 

  • We are still operating at a limited capacity so PLEASE COME ALONE.

  • Face coverings are required at all times. If you do not have a face covering, one can be provided at an additional charge.

  • No food or drink allowed in the shop.

  • Please be on time.

  • Hand sanitizer will be available at the studio.


  • Please complete the paperwork when arriving at shop.

  • Be sure to bring your photo ID with you.

  • FOR MINORS; please be sure to read through the requirements below and call the shop with any questions.

General Questions

Where are you located?

  • The shop is located at 12420 Fairwood Pkwy Suite G, Bowie, MD 20720.


What are your hours of business?

  • We are open for business six days a week (Monday through Saturday) by appointment only. You can reach us by email at . We are closed on Sundays.

Do you accept credit cards or checks?

  • We accept


    and all credit cards including ApplePay, Amex, Discover, MasterCard and Visa. Sorry no checks.

Can I get tattooed if I am under 18?

  • Yes. We will provide most services for those 16 years of age and older.

  • Anyone under 18 years of age must provide a state-issued picture I.D. (i.e. driver's license, military I.D, or passport) & be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian who must also provide a state-issued picture I.D.. Last names AND addresses of minor and parent/guardian have to match on photo I.Ds. If both the address and last name do not match OR the ID’s do not have addresses on them (i.e. passports) an original birth certificate is required in addition to the picture IDs.

  • When an original birth certificate is provided and the minor does not have a government issued photo I.D., a photo school I.D. is also acceptable. All identification documents provided for verification at the appointment must be original copies, no photocopies accepted in person.

  • There are no exceptions on our I.D. policy. If you have any questions concerning theses policies call the studio PRIOR to your visit.

Do I have to make an appointment for a tattoo?

  • We are currently operating by appointment only. Please contact the artist you’d like to work with to set up an appointment. You may also email us at if you do not have an artist preference and would like to be set up with first available artist.

Can I make a appointment over the phone?

What is your refund policy?

  • Heavy Hitters Tattoos does not offer refunds for any service or product.


Does getting a tattoo hurt?

  • Yup, getting tattooed does hurt. How much pain that's involved is dependent on the area of the body being tattooed, and the pain tolerance and mindset of the individual.

​​How much does getting a tattoo cost?

  • There are several factors involved with the pricing of a tattoo, including how large the design, how much detail is involved, and the area of the body being tattooed. The minimum price for a tattoo is $200 and goes up from there. Single session tattoos are individually priced. Multiple session work is typically priced at an hourly rate which varies by artist.

Do I need to make an appointment to get a tattoo?

  • We are by appointment only at this time. All tattoo appointments require a deposit. Appointments can be made at the top on our



  • The cost of the deposit is dependent upon the size of the tattoo and length of the appointment. Deposits go toward the final price of your tattoo. Also, in order for a tattoo artist to give a price/time estimate they must be able see the design and area of the body to be tattooed. If you have left a deposit with an open appointment date, then you may schedule time by contacting your artist.

What is your cancellation policy?

  • Heavy Hitters Tattoo has a strict 48 hour policy for rescheduling. If you would like to reschedule your appointment, we require 48 hours to the time of your appointment for your deposit to remain valid. (While 48 hours notice is required, we request more notice if at all possible.)

  • Deposits are non-refundable so cancellations will result in forfeit of your deposit. There are NO EXCEPTIONS on our cancellation policy. If you can't make your appointment and don't show up, your deposit is forfeited and any future appointments will have to be paid in full. 

  • We will handle unplanned same-day rescheduling due to Covid-19 illness on a case by case basis, contact your artist.

Can I have a consultation with an artists before putting down a deposit for my tattoo?

  • Absolutely!! We encourage our patrons to set up consultations with the artist of their choice before setting up an actual appointment. Contact the artist you would like to work with at your convenience to set up your free consultation today!

How should I prepare before I get tattooed?

  • Be rested, and have something to eat before coming in. Do not drink alcohol, take illegal drugs, or ingest aspirin prior to your tattoo. Alcohol and aspirin are blood thinners and will promote excessive bleeding during your tattoo. We will not tattoo you if you are drunk, high, or evidently hungover.

Can I have an old/poor tattoo reworked or covered up?

  • Generally an old/poor tattoo can't be re-worked or covered up. Please still free to set up a complimentary consult to speak with one of our tattoo artists about what you have and what you would like done. 

Do y'all do Tattoo Parties?

  • We do not do tattoo parties, in or out of the shop. None of our artists do housecalls in any situation.

Should I tip my tattoo artist?

  • Feel free to tip your tattoo artist. Tips are not necessary, but are always appreciated. Remember, the full cost of your tattoo does not all go to your artist, so please feel free to be generous. Tips must be made in cash.

How should I care for my new tattoo?

  • We will provide precise aftercare instructions after your tattoo is complete. The artist will explain aftercare verbally and will also provide a sheet explaining the process in detail.

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